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  • Ibaraki Koga FAM trip

    My dream came true on the happy Valentine’s Day 2020.


    I have been a professional licensed tour escort and guide for more than 15 years but never been taking guests to my hometown, called Koga city in Ibaraki.


    No one really knows about this city. Even people from the same prefecture sometime wonder Koga is located in Tochigi? or Saitama? Indeed, with the local transportation like train, we never get to our capital city, Mito, without taking route on the local line in other prefectures.


    However, this Koga has been chosen as a city of Ibaraki FAM trip in last February by local authority, Ibaraki international tourism office.


    Perhaps, people might think, why???


    That is a good question to start when it comes to plan a new tour for inbound tourism which supposed to be very interesting, attractive and eye-catching, but always important to have passion and love for their own city from their own people together.


    This is what I have learned as being a full time staff of an inbound travel agency as well as a frontline, being a professional guide.


    I have been dreaming of welcoming chief concierges from five star luxury hotels from Tokyo. And it became true. The guests for the Koga FAM trip were members of Les Clefs d’Or Japan, including the president herself.


    The reason why having the concierge to be the guests is important is because I know that they are the professionals who understand the best hospitality and services. They sense what guests truly want to see, do and experience. They are also frontlines like guides.


    If we can make a tour that all the chief concierges would feel very happy, it might mean that we can be very sure that the level and quality of hospitality and services are good, and that tour could offer their guests enjoyable holidays.


    I would like to write more about this FAM trip, perhaps on the next blog.


    Thank you so much for your special attention and time to read all this.

    Please do take care of yourselves and stay safe at wherever you are now.


    With very best wishes,

    Megumi Masuda

    Founder of Musubi Ltd.


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