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Musubi is an expert travel company specializing in planning, curating, running, and assisting with travel experiences that dive deep into the 'real' Japan.

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Musubi is a boutique travel agency and professional guide service for discerning world travellers and creators of unique, original, tailored travel experiences in Japan. The company specialises in curating in-depth tours that showcase Japan's hidden beauty and the nation's ability to offer guests life-changing experiences.

Health & Safety


The Post COVID Travel Experience

Your health and safety is our top priority. We’re working closely with local suppliers and guides to ensure your trip is as safe and comfortable as it can be.



Working to service insightful world travelers

As the Founder and CEO of Musubi, Megumi is a world-renowned travel expert with unparalleled knowledge in the world of luxury travel, guiding, working with government bodies to create FAM (media trips), and crafting intimate, unforgettable Japan experiences with local communities.


Want to let your interests guide you? Then why not check out our tours arranged by theme? Gastronomy, wellness, history, nature, adventure, or contact us for tailor-made options.


Have some spare time, and want to make the most of it? Whether it’s a one-day activity or a multi-day tour through some of the nation’s most fascinating cultural landmarks and offerings, we’ve got you covered. Food, spirituality, history and adventure, it’s all here.



We're Musubi, creators of unique travel experiences, curators of unforgettable travel routes, and your experts on the ground. With a wealth of industry experience, both in planning and the practical, we're here to help supervise, consult, facilitate and develop new opportunities for travel organisations from prefectures to DMOs to personal tours.
Whether it's organising suppliers, training guides, and connecting suppliers, we can do it all with style.

Flexible terms for all travellers

When Musubi designed a new style of tourism, we also designed flexible tour change and cancellation terms, so you're in safe hands.

  1. You pay just a 10% deposit to secure your trip.
  2. You only have to pay the balance 12 weeks before you travel.
  3. Should you cancel, for whatever reason, we'll return 100% of your money – deposit included, providing you cancel at least 30 days prior to your departure.
  4. Or you can move your dates without incurring additional fees.

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Looking for advice, curated experiences or just want to learn more? Feel free to send us a message here, or email Megumi at


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