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Aoki Sake Brewery

Koga, Ibaraki

Program1   Duration 2hours
Gokeiji Bar
After meeting at Koga Station, we make our way to the hotel for a convivial dinner. This traditional, elegant kaiseki meal is paired with five Aoki sakes by Chisa Aoki, the brewery’s senior managing director, who will expertly guide your tasting experience. Their Gokeiji sakes, named in celebration of the Taisho Emperor’s accession to the throne in 1912, have recently won multiple awards.
We start the next day with an early breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, after which we highly recommend joining our Sake Brewing Experience, in season, or our Brewery Tour and Sake Tasting.

Gokeiji Bar

時間 約2時間
企画会社 株式会社Musubi (茨城県知事登録第2種656号)
代表取締役・全国通訳案内士 増田恵美(ますだ めぐみ)
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TEL : 0280-33-3026 FAX:0280-31-3097 E-mail

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