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Aoki Sake Brewery

Koga, Ibaraki

Program2   Duration 2hours
Exclusive Sake Brewing Experience
We meet early at Aoki Sake Brewery to experience the morning work of processing the brewery’s freshly steamed rice. Joining the brewery sta , we learn the technique of cooling and separating the highly polished rice grains to create the day’s Gokeiji sake. Our exclusive access includes a peek inside the koji muro, the large temperature- and humidity-controlled room where the rice is inoculated with koji, and the fermentation process begins.

*Sake brewing is a seasonal process. Musubi Travel is delighted to be able to offer these tours during the brewing season from January to March.
*Sake is easily contaminated by outside yeasts. If you choose to join this program after breakfast, we require that you abstain from eating or drinking any fermented foods before coming to the brewery.

Exclusive Sake Brewing Experience

時間 約2時間
企画会社 株式会社Musubi (茨城県知事登録第2種656号)
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TEL : 0280-33-3026 FAX:0280-31-3097 E-mail

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