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Itinerary 1
The Timeless Traditions of the San'in Region


  • Embark on a memorable 3-day tour through western Japan, where you'll feel as though you're returning to a familiar yet unexplored place. Our carefully crafted itinerary includes a blend of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and local craftsmanship unique to Shimane and Tottori.


  • Izumo Oyashiro: Step into a world of mythology and spirituality.
    Historic Castles: Marvel at the architectural splendor and storied pasts.
    Daisen-Oki National Park: Be awe-inspired by nature's majesty.
    Soothing Hot Springs: Unwind in therapeutic geothermal waters.
    Local Craftsmen: Witness the artistry and traditions of regional artisans.

    Join us for an unforgettable journey and make the San'in region your second home.
  • Day 1:A Touch of Tradition—Crafts and Gardens
  • Day 1:A Touch of Tradition—Crafts and Gardens
Day 1:A Touch of Tradition—Crafts and Gardens
  • Day 1:A Touch of Tradition—Crafts and Gardens
    Morning: The Art of Hakushu Cotton Shirts in Sakaiminato City

    Begin your journey in Sakaiminato City at the renowned Hakushu Cotton Shirt Shop, where you'll meet Mr. Nakazato, a local artisan who brings the 300-year-old tradition of Hakushu cotton to life through his craft. This unique cotton, known for its thickness, elasticity, and superior warmth, is cultivated right here in San'in. Experience the dedication and skill that goes into creating each made-to-order shirt, making every garment a singular treasure.

    Afternoon: The Serene Beauty of the Adachi Museum Gardens

    Your afternoon is reserved for tranquility and natural beauty at a Japanese garden that epitomizes the essence of the San'in region. The Adachi Museum's garden, celebrated as Japan's best by an American garden magazine, offers a serene escape. Here, gardens are more than landscapes; they are living, breathing paintings. Immerse yourself in this artistic haven, where every view is a masterpiece.
Day 2:A Journey through Japanese Pottery and Paper Craft
Day 2:A Journey through Japanese Pottery and Paper Craft
  • Day 2:A Journey through Japanese Pottery and Paper Craft
    Morning: Discovering the Charm of Kaike Pottery at Hosshouji Kaike Studio

    Begin your day by the scenic Kaike Beach in Yonago City at the Hosshouji Kaike pottery studio. Here, you'll meet the talented Mr. Ando, whose passion for Kaike pottery is as captivating as the unique curves and colors of his creations. Dive into the world of pottery with a hands-on experience, using an electric potter's wheel to shape your own dishes and cups. This immersive activity offers a deeper understanding and appreciation of the skill and artistry behind each piece of Kaike pottery.

    Afternoon: The Art of Washi at The Abe Eishiro Memorial Museum

    Next, visit the Abe Eishiro Memorial Museum, a tribute to the legacy of Mr. Abe, who was dedicated to the promotion and preservation of washi (Japanese paper). This museum is not just a display of exquisite folk crafts but a live workshop where you can learn the art of making Japanese paper from expert artisans. Discover the intricacies of washi, a cornerstone of Japanese heritage, and engage in a unique opportunity to create your own piece of this traditional art.
Day 3: Quilts and Confectionery – A Taste of Japanese Artistry
Day 3: Quilts and Confectionery – A Taste of Japanese Artistry
  • Day 3: Quilts and Confectionery – A Taste of Japanese Artistry
    Morning: The Unique World of Quilts at The Izumo Quilt Museum

    Your final day begins with a visit to The Izumo Quilt Museum, a rare gem and the only quilt museum in Japan. Nestled in a 200-year-old Izumo-style mansion, the museum offers a captivating look into the world of quilting. Explore themed installations that showcase the extraordinary works of quilt artist Mutsuko Yahatagaki. This unique setting provides an immersive experience, blending the charm of quilting with the elegance of historic Japanese architecture. Be enthralled by displays featuring seasonal flowers, traditional Japanese aesthetics, and intricate pond gardens.

    Afternoon: Sweet Creations at Sakaneya Confectionery

    In the afternoon, step into the world of traditional sweets at Sakaneya, a historic sweets shop established in 1872, located near the iconic Izumo Taisha shrine. Here, under the guidance of skilled confectioners, you'll delve into the delicate art of Japanese confectionery-making. This hands-on experience is not just about creating sweets; it's an exploration of how the changing seasons influence and inspire these edible works of art. This engaging session offers insight into the deep connection between Japanese culture and its confectionery traditions, leaving you with a richer understanding and, of course, a taste of local treats.

Optional 4-Day Tour Extension:
Deeper Exploration of San'in's Treasures

For those wishing to extend their journey, our 4-day tour offers an in-depth experience, blending guided tours with opportunities for independent exploration. Immerse yourself further into the heart of San'in's rich cultural tapestry. Contact us for detailed information.

[Day 1]
□Morning: Experience the craftsmanship of Hakushumen Shirt making.
□Afternoon: Enjoy time for independent exploration, discovering local hidden gems at your own pace.

[Day 2]
□Morning: Explore the world of Kaike gama pottery.
□Afternoon: Set off on your own for a more independent exploration of this charming locale.

[Day 3]
□Morning: Visit the Abe Eishiro Museum, a celebration of Japanese paper art.
□Afternoon: Explore the renowned Adachi Museum and its exquisite gardens.

[Day 4]
□Morning: Discover the unique art at the Izumo Quilt Museum.
□Afternoon: Experience the traditional art of sweet making at Sakaneya confectionery shop.

Personalized Guidance with Private Guide and Car Options

Musubi's Exclusive Services:
□Expert Local Guides: Musubi prides itself on partnering with the region's most knowledgeable and inspiring local guides. CEO Megumi specializes in selecting guides who offer the deepest insights and most engaging experiences in the San'in Mannaka region.

□Private Transportation: For your comfort and convenience, we offer private car options, ensuring a seamless and personalized journey.

□Flexible Itineraries: Our services are highly customizable. We're dedicated to creating an itinerary that perfectly matches your interests and preferences.

Contact Musubi: For more details, personalized arrangements, and bookings, please reach out to us. Let us help you craft an unforgettable exploration of San'in, tailored just for you.

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