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As the Founder and CEO of Musubi, Megumi is a world-renowned travel expert with unparalleled knowledge in the world of luxury travel, guiding, working with government bodies to create FAM (media trips), and crafting intimate, unforgettable Japan experiences with local communities.

Testimonial by Liz Wenman, a founder of Rally Round Ltd. UK

Megumi is a "wonder woman" who makes things happen! With her, you can travel like an insider – Megumi is like a very close friend or relative in Japan, who introduces her most unique and favourite places and people. Travelling with Megumi, you will always be welcomed by local people and regions with big smiles across Japan.

Megumi is an experienced professional travel agency and guide who has been planning, operating and guiding tours for celebrities, CEOs of international companies, royal families of Saudi and more. However, no matter who they are, Megumi treats her guests with the utmost care. She knows very well that your holiday is such a special life experience, one that you'll cherish forever.

A Breakdown of Our Services



We're Musubi, creators of unique travel experiences, curators of unforgettable travel routes, and your experts on the ground.
With a wealth of industry experience, both in planning and the practical, we're here to help supervise, consult, facilitate and develop new opportunities for travel organisations from prefectures to DMOs to personal tours.
Whether it's organising suppliers, training guides, and connecting suppliers, we can do it all with style.


  • Supervision and facilitation of unique, original, tailed travel experiences
    For: Local authorities, prefectures, cities, DMO, local suppliers, transport and accommodation, local professional guides.
  • Professional guide training
    To support local suppliers learning about inbound travel. Supply detailed action for COVID-19 safe tours.
  • Operate FAM and research trips
    To receive information and feedback from high-end travel markets and members like five-star hotel concierge, experts in hospitality and tourism, embassy members and the like.

Recent credentials

- 2020 | Ibaraki Prefecture International Tourism Division

Project: "Creation of contents for exclusive travellers FAM TRIP for Les Clefs d’Or Japan”
Location: Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture

- 2020 | Environment Agency Nasu Visitor Center

Project: English translation of website and pamphlets.
Location: Nasu Town, Tochigi Prefecture

- 2020 | Japan Tourism Agency

Project: Creation of Content to Diversify Visitor Attraction" Demonstration Project (2nd stage)
Location: Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture

- 2020 | Ibaraki International Tourism Division + Magical Trip

Project: "Sellable Travel to Japan with an Eye on After-Corona, in collaboration with Youtuber Sundai Love.
Watch the video here.
Location: Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture

- 2020 | Odawara Tourism Inc.

Project: "Creation of contents for affluent people."
Tour Name: Odawara Mindfulness - Journey to Odawara is Journey to Yourself.
Location: Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

- 2021 | JFG Cooperative All Japan Federation of Interpreters and Guides

Project: Online seminar series, and interpreter guide and training instructor, lecturer
Location: Nationwide

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