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Musubi is a boutique travel agent and professional guide for sophisticated and insightful global travellers.
With a wealth of experience in the high-end and luxury travel industry, we've worked intimately with the Saudi Royal Family and princesses.
Megumi and Okuda are on hand to guide you as your personal and private assistants to ensure your Japan experience is one you'll never forget.

We launched this specialised experience because we'd heard many questions from many discerning Saudi travellers. One princess asked us about buying real estate in Tokyo's, and others said they are looking for a good business partner. These enquiries might seem outside the travel industry, but we would love to be your best someone who is reliable and trustworthy to make it happen. Also, please remember Megumi is a mother who knows how you want to spend time with your children and family.
saudi princess saudi princess

Your Saudi Princess specialists

Megumi Masuda: VIP Travel design, operation, and guide

VIP Services Director and Professional Guide (2004~)

Examples of Saudi Guiding Credentials:
11 Royal Family and 2 PA from Saudi Arabia
18 Royal Family and 10 SP from Saudi Arabia
2 Royal Family from Saudi Arabia
15 Royal Family from Saudi Arabia
4 Royal Family from Saudi Arabia

Shigehiko Okuda: VIP Reception & Aviation

Deputy Representative in Japan Saudi Arabian Airlines (1988 ~ 2005)
Marketing Coordinator in Japan Consultant to the Board Member Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2009)
Regional Director of Sales – Japan Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts (2005 ~ 2008)
Private Assistant & Consultant to The KSA Ambassador to Japan (In charge of VIP Reception & Aviation) Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia (2010 ~ 2014)
Here is a list of our services, but please note just because what you're after isn't listed doesn't mean it's something we cannot do. Please contact us at for more information. We are happy to be here for you as your personal private assistant based in Japan.

Arrival, departure and aviation
Helicopter and travel
Luxury hotels and spas
Family trip-designed itineraries and operation
Beach and ski escapes
Unique countryside adventures
Serviced apartment and catering chef bookings
Buying real estate
Private assistants for business-related needs

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