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Health & Safety

The Post COVID Travel Experience

Your health and safety is our top priority.
We’re working closely with local suppliers and guides to ensure your trip is as safe and comfortable as it can be.

Here’s what you can expect

All of the tours designed by Musubi from 2020 onwards will meet the following requirements. At the same time, local governments, medical institutions, cooperating businesses, travel agencies, and interpreter guides from all over Japan will undertake a series of preliminary training sessions. These sessions will educate tour workers on the practice of specific methods for countermeasures against infectious diseases and guidance methods for customers and provide an environment and support for safe and secure participation in tours.

COVID infection countermeasures have been developed by the Japan Tourism Agency's "New Tourism" expert organization and verified through inspection tours.

Tour features

We will discover area throughout regions in Japan and propose new destinations to visit.
Activities will be held outdoors and indoors with adequate ventilation.
Lunches with food and beverages are held outdoors or semi-outdoors.
Participants numbers will be limited to private tours and small groups (up to 10 people).

Features of the tour management staff

Our partner companies will provide hand sanitiser, hand wash, disposable hand wipes, disinfectant sheets, and other necessary items at each location. Cooperating companies will provide activities with food and drink by setting up acrylic panels. When eating and drinking, the cooperating service providers will provide individual dishes and menus, avoiding shared items. Both the coordinator and the interpreter will wear masks at all times and will use a face shield.

Tour management staff will also take your temperature and fill out a health check sheet for you to keep. If you do not feel well on the day of the tour, we will guide you to a medical institution in cooperation with the insurance office.

Request for your cooperation

In the final itinerary prior to the tour, we will inform you of the details of how we require your cooperation in preventing infection. At the reception desk on the day of the tour, we will ask you to take your temperature and fill out a health check sheet for safekeeping if we need to contact you later. We ask that you wear a mask at all times.

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