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Recommendation from Mr. Kunio Okada

I have participated in several historic car rallies such as Mille Miglia and Targa Florio in Italy. As for British classic car event, I was once invited to the 2000 Goodwood Festival of Speed, where I joined with the CISITALIA 202 CMM Aerodynamica. 
 I have always paid a profound respect for U.K., where motorsports was developed. Therefore, I visited Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC)’s race events and Prescotto Speed Hill Climb racing several times and published articles on such events on automotive magazines in Japan. 
 In fact, Japan is closely connected with U.K. in automotive field as well. The automotive law in Japan was devised based on the automotive law in U.K., and therefore, Japanese cars are right-hand drive vehicles, and drivers keep to the left side of the road. The world’s first ever purpose-built motorsport venue, the Brooklands Circuit, was completed and opened in 1907, when its first race was held and a Japanese driver won the second place. 
I received a referral to support the Samurai Challenge, the historic Car Rally in which classic car drivers drive through Japan, probably because I have participated in various historic car rally events overseas, and also hosted classic car rally events in Japan over 25 years. Even though I have observed various historic car rally events, I was surprised by this unprecedented adventure of the Samurai Challenge. No Japanese have ever thought of this type of event. 
 This type of adventure became possible because U.K had embraced many adventurers historically. I see Isabella Bird, the female adventurer who traveled alone in Japan in 1878, in Liz, the host of the Samurai Challenge.


私は、これまでにイタリアのミッレミリアMille Migliaやタルガ・フローリオTarga Florioなどのヒストリックカーラリーに何度か走ってきたが、イギリスのクラシックカーイベントには2000年のグッドウッドGoodwoodのFestival of Speed に招待されて、チシタリアCISITALIA 202 CMM Aerodynamica で参加しただけだ。しかしモータースポーツの発展の地であるイギリスに対して、かねてから尊敬の念があり、VSCCのレースやPrescottoのヒルクライムにも何度か訪れて、日本の自動車雑誌にそれについての記事を書いてきた。
サムライ・チャレンジという日本を縦断するヒストリックカー・ラリーを手伝って欲しい、と、私が推薦されたのは、私が海外でのヒストリックカー・イベントに参加し、また、日本では25年以上にわたって、ヒストリックカー・ラリーを主催してきた経験が買われたからだろうが、それにしても、このサムライチャレンジという冒険には驚いた。日本において、日本人の誰もが考えもしなかった企画だ。冒険家を輩出してきたイギリス人ならではの企画だと思った。リズからは、1878年に日本を単身で紀行した女性冒険家のイザベラ・バードIsabella Birdの面影を感じたものだ。
+1 Classic Car Tourism
+1 Classic Car Tourism
The Samurai Challenge came true as scheduled in 2017, and I attended and supported the journey, where I was greatly impressed by the experienced staff from U.K. Liz, the leader and host of this event, solved all the problems immediately together with a few but experienced staff, and the rally proceeded without any interruption. Megumi was definitely the key staff at the Samurai Challenge. This event would not have worked well, if Megumi was not capable of arranging preparations to receive the rally team and solving problems in various places all over Japan. The rally participants was smiling and satisfied after finishing the rally every day thanks to the perfect rally management of the Rally Round’s staff, but they were relaxed at dinner tables thanks to Megumi’s perfect hospitality. I could tell that, as I was closely working with her every day.
 I would like to extend my sincere support to Megumi with all my strength and heart, as she starts her own business by leveraging her extraordinary experiences. I would like to share the guests’ smiles, the proof of her hard work.
For your information, Kishichiro Okura, was the man who won the second place at the first race at the world’s first ever purpose-built motorsport venue, the Brooklands Circuit, which was completed and opened in 1907.
 Kishichiro was the second generation of Okura Zaibatsu Congromerate, and the founder of Hotel Okura. He was baronized at a later stage.
+1 Classic Car Tourism
+1 Classic Car Tourism

Specialist Profile:Kunio Okada (Mr)

Kunio Okada has been involved in designing and organizing classic car rallies such as COPPA DI KOUMI, KOPPA DI KYOYO, and KOPPA DI TOKYO, since 1991. He has participated in various classic car rallies mainly in Europe and other hill climb racings, namely, Mille Miglia & Giro della Sicilia, Gran Premio Nuvolari, Bugatti Rallies, and Goodwood Festival of Speed. He provided support to participants in such car rally events. 
As an advisor, Kunio has been providing consulting with planning and management of Auto Galleria LUCE in Nagoya, since its foundation. He has also supervised and designed various cultural and automobile events. He writes articles in different media and magazines, based on the expertise he has gained through books and local interviews at the rally events. His main book, “Le Corbusier et son amour des voitures! (Le Corbusier and his favorite cars),” was published by Heibonsha, and his articles were published on CAR MAGAZINE and AUTOCAR in Japan.


1991年ごろより、コッパディ小海、コッパディ京都、コッパディ東京などのヒストリックカー・ラリーの企画/運営に携わる。ミッレミリア、ジーロ・ディ・シチリア、グランプレミオ・ヌヴォラーリ、ブガッティ・ラリー、グッドウッド・フェスティバル・オブ・スピードなど、ヨーロッパのヒストリックカー・ラリーやヒルクライムのイベントに多数参加し、また日本からの参加者のサポートもしている。名古屋のアウトガレリア・ルーチェの顧問として、創立以来すべての企画/運営に携わる他、自動車に関わるさまざまな文化事業の企画・監修も行う。書物だけでなく、現地での見聞に基づく、豊富で深い知識を基にして、CAR MAGAZINE 、AUTOCAR など様々な媒体に執筆。主な著作は『ルコルビュジエの愛したクルマ』平凡社。
+1 Classic Car Tourism
+1 Classic Car Tourism