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  • YUKI – sample program –

    UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage, Silk weaving technique tour
    UNESCO文化遺産登録 結城紬ツアー

    • Hand-weaving expereince
    • Yuki-tsumugi kimono dressing experience
    • Learning Yuki-tsumugi story
    • オリジナルコースター織作り
    • 結城つむぎ 試着体験
    • 職人さんから学ぶ、つむぎ織のこと
    【Recommended group size】1 to 5 guests
    1day itinerary -7~8 hours- 
    Here are some sample programs. We can plan and arrange your itinerary according to your interests. A full day tour is designed for 7-8 hours. We offer you national licensed tour guides registered in Ibaraki Guides and Interpreters Association (IGIA). All of our members are actually living in Ibaraki and honored to be your guides, telling you more about each area in Ibaraki with our own words from our warmest heart, as we all love Ibaraki, our hometown.

    It is absolutely fine to combine two or three areas in Ibaraki, and of course to other destinations too, such as Nikko and Tohoku where you can visit world cultural heritage sites. Musubi is a licensed travel agent that organizes tours across Japan.

    Things to bring 持ち物

    Comfortable cloth and shoes, Rain coat, Drinks, Towel, Grove

    Private guided tour schedule プライベート通訳ガイド付ツアー スケジュール

    Meeting time:10am
    Meeting Place:JR Oyama station in Tochigi prefecture
    Tour:7-8 hours
    Transfer:Train, Taxi, Walking


    Access Map from Tokyo 東京から小山駅までのアクセスマップ

    Train:Tokyo St. 69min / Shinjyuku St. 69min Car:Tohoku Expressway Tochigi IC 35min

    電車:東京駅 83分 / 新宿駅 83分
    車:東北自動車道 栃木IC から35分


    Other arrangement その他のお手配

    Private car tour (Hotel in Tokyo – Tour - Hotel in next destination)
    Hotel arrangement

    東京滞在ホテルから次の滞在ホテルまで プライベートカー付ツアー

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