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  • Hario and Good Coffee Workshop – Embrace Japan’s coffee culture

    Go deep into Japan’s rich and delicious coffee history by partaking in a workshop with barista at Hario café in Tokyo.

    Located in Tokyo, HARIO Co., Ltd has been dedicated to the design, production, and sale of heatproof glass since 1921 and is the only heat proof glass manufacturer in Japan to have a factory in Koga, Ibaraki.

    The company began as a manufacturer of laboratory glassware and expanded their production to household items in 1948, starting with the coffee syphon. Their V60 coffee dripper is recognized and beloved by baristas around the world.

    The experience is a private workshop organized only for you before the HARIO café opened from 11:00am and after 18:30pm.

    3 type workshops
    a) Hand dripper and filtered coffee – twice brewing experience with Hario’s original shallow coffee beans and deep roasted coffee beans (90mins)
    b) Syphon Coffee – twice brewing experience (90mins)
    c) Two ways of brewing good coffee using the items below. (90mins)
    1) Hand dripper and filtered coffee – Once brewing experience
    2) Syphon Coffee (prepared by a syphonist)

    We hope you will have relaxing morning and evening with good coffee at comfortable Hario cafe in Tokyo.

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